Tantouring: Guide to Contouring with Self Tanner

Tantouring – it is a phrase that you might be unfamiliar with, but for every beauty or tan enthusiast, it is something that you will want to try out at least once.

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To put it simply, tantouring is a combination of tanning and contouring in one process, meaning you take your self-tanner and apply it as you would a traditional contour product. Using a face fake tanner in place of traditional contour products provides a stronger effect to provide dimension to your face. In doing so, tantouring involves carefully applying self-tanner darker than your skin tone to the areas where you would normally apply contour, such as under the cheekbones, on top of the forehead, down the sides of the nose and under the jawline. This process will give you the summery tanned look you want, including definition, making the results look more natural.

Following the principles of the contouring makeup technique, the use of the dark and light colours enhances or slims down the way certain facial features can appear. Just like contouring, tantouring will require some practice to get perfect results and to achieve a flawlessly sculpted face.

There can be a lot of uncertainty surrounding using a face self tanner. What is the best face tanner to use? Will it turn my face orange? How much face fake tanner should I use? By using the process of tanning and contouring, you can gradually build up to the look that you want, ensuring that you have a smooth, even application. Another benefit to using the tantouring strategy is that it has a much longer-lasting effect than a traditional powder bronzer.

Remember to keep in mind that contouring with semi-permanent self-tanner does not always last as long as a traditional body self-tanner will. With the face being exposed and more thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturised on a regular basis, be sure to reapply your tantouring products as needed to maintain your summery bronzed look.

When Would You Use Tan-touring?

With the summer upon us, now is a great time to be preparing that warm, bronzed look ready for any time of day or event. After months of being cooped up inside because of the pandemic, it is likely that we all have a touch of the pale pallor. Tantouring is a wonderful way to achieve that glowy, sun kissed look without having to spend hours out in the sun.

Given the natural effect of the tantouring process, it is a perfect look for when you want to go makeup free, but still want some definition for your cheekbones. It is also a strategy that can be used across your body to create an all-over look perfect for a beach day or being out by the pool. So, if you have a date with your swimsuit coming up, or you are planning to wear something a little more revealing, create the impression of a sculpted, toned body with tantouring.

A Contouring ‘How To’ Guide for Your Face and Body

There are many ways that you could approach tantouring for your face. Following a simple contouring ‘how to’ guide can help you find the best process for you. Before you start it is important to check that you have everything that you need. With blending being such an important part of the process, it is essential that you are using the right tools to get the job done.

At INIKA, we have a number of high-quality products that could make the tantouring application smoother and easier. For these simple steps, try using the INIKA Foundation Brush for a precise application to the face.

Step 1: Contouring with Self Tanner

Always start with clean, exfoliated skin. When applying self tanner to large parts of your face, you don’t want anything getting in the way and making for uneven application. Then, spray the end of the foundation brush generously with the Natural Tanning Mist.

Step 2: Contouring with Self Tanner

Apply a number-three pattern to each side profile, starting from the temples, then going under the cheekbone and wrapping around under the jawline – this will give your face a naturally sculpted look. These are the areas where the sun would naturally hit your face, offering a more realistic, natural appearance.

Step 3: Contouring with Self Tanner

Moving down to the body, take the INIKA Powder Brush and again spray the bristles generously. This will help you on your way to achieving an all-over bronzed look.

Step 4: Contouring with Self Tanner

Buff the tanning mist into all the places where bone is protruding or is noticeable, over the collarbones, shoulders, and breastbone.

Step 5: Contouring with Self Tanner

The tan can also be used around the abdominal muscles. Continue to buff the tan down the sides of your abdominal muscle to exaggerate a defined appearance.

Step 6: Contouring with Self Tanner

Continuing onto the legs, apply over the entire surface of the leg and then focus on the sides of the legs with a second layer, again to provide the illusion of a defined appearance.

Step 7: Contouring with Self Tanner

Allow to dry for 8hr – 10hrs before results. This will ensure that the product is applied evenly, drying in the same smooth way, avoiding any unflattering patches and streaks.

Where to Find the Best Face Tanner for Tantouring

Finding the best face self tanner is the key for achieving quality results when trying to contour with self tanner. The next step is equipping yourself with the right tools for the job, to more readily achieve your tantouring masterpiece. At INIKA, we have an entire range of high quality, organic skincare & natural makeup to help you reach your contouring and face tanner goals.

Check out our variety of tanning mists, such as the Natural Tanning Mist and contour brushes, like the INIKA Powder contour brush. We are committed to providing products free of any chemicals or nasties to keep your skin feeling revitalised and nourished. So have a look and see what products will help you get started on your way to that perfect summery golden glow.
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