INIKA Organic | People With Purpose Grant


An INIKA Organic initiative to recognise, support and celebrate our unsung community heroes who are doing incredible things in sustainability, environmental protection or animal welfare.  

The 2023 Person with Purpose will receive a $10,000 grant to further invest in their cause. 

VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED. Winner will be announced 18th September. 


Free Spirits Farm Sanctuary

Free Spirits Farm Sanctuary provides a safe home for rescued farm animals, with an aim to protect all of natures creatures, not to view some animals as more or less worthy than others.

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Goongerah Wombat Orphanage

Goongerah Wombat Orphanage aim's to care for orphaned, sick and injured wombats for a complete and successful release back into the wild.

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Growing Together

Growing Together connects local landowners with people passionate about growing food together, to combat local climate change, increase community connectivity, health and wellbeing.

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Pledge for the Planet

Pledge for the Planet aims to reduce human impact on the planet, by motivating behaviour change across Australia with simple, sustainable solutions.

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Project Planet

Project Planet aims to empower ordinary, climate-concerned individuals with the practical tools needed to take action against the climate crisis.

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Medical Pantry

Medical Pantry aims to make healthcare environmentally sustainable, by rescuing unused medical supplies and equipment and delivering it to underserved communities.

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Rethink Recycling

Rethink Recycling aims to combat the detrimental effects of plastic waste through education and community engagement, focusing on the often-overlooked plastic lids, employing innovative techniques to remanufacture them into functional and purposeful products.

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