Say Hello to Cloud Skin: The Holy Grail Makeup Trend of 2021

The biggest trend of 2021, Cloud Skin, was introduced during lockdown when most of us were conducting our daily routines over zoom. Spending so much time online, led to makeup artist, Dominic Skinner, re-thinking how we can adapt our daily beauty routines to appear flawless while protecting our skin.

The intention was to create a hazy look that was more forgiving than a super-shiny base, while the incorporation of skincare helps our skin to repair throughout the day, promoting natural oils.

The most important rule when achieving the Cloud Skin makeup look is to opt for products that give intense hydration, as this will create that soft, dewy look. This is best achieved through prepping the skin and creating the base for application, in which we accomplish using Natural Face Oils and Serums as well as Hydrating Moisturisers.

INIKA Organic products have been developed using natural ingredients, infused with pure botanical extracts and rich mineral pigments to ensure a flawless makeup finish, while nourishing and brightening the skin.

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What is cloud skin?

You’ve most likely heard of Cloud Skin, but maybe you’re wondering what it actually is? The latest trend, Cloud Skin, is the makeup look that gives off a soft finish, creating the illusion of clouds.

The trend relies on blending skincare with makeup seamlessly to create an ethereal glow, rather than the traditional heavy and wet-looking gleam. The look is achieved by combining the matte, dewy and glowing textures to create a soft-focus effect. In doing so, it is important to ensure that each texture effortlessly blends into one another.

Follow along for our easy guide on how you can effortlessly achieve the trending Cloud Skin look, with the best-suited products and top tips.

How do I achieve the cloud skin look?

First, hydrate and prepare your skin

Beginning by prepping the skin using a hydrating face cream is a must. This primes the skin for application, while creating a dewy and hydrated base. Preparation of the skin is where the glow factor begins!

Using the INIKA Maca Root Day Cream, apply evenly over the face to protect against pollution and daily skin stressors, allowing the skin to maintain a youthful glow. Follow with the Botanical Face Oil for instantly fresh glowing skin. Take a few drops of the oil in your palms and apply over your face and neck, allowing for a glowing finish.

Second, create your base

The base is the most essential step in achieving the cloud skin look, as it focuses on creating a creamy base that represents the texture of clouds.

Starting with the INIKA Radiant Glow Primer, a highly nourishing priming skin veil, apply generously over the face to create the perfect, glowing base. Then, using the nutrient-rich Liquid Foundation and a Foundation Buffing Brush begin applying your foundation. This works to combine the hydrating properties of the moisturiser with the flawless coverage of the foundation, creating a long lasting primer makeup. It is important to then go in with the Baked Mineral Foundation, gently dabbing it over the upper forehead and on the nose and chin slightly as this creates a blurred finish while promoting dimensional textures.

Lastly, just add highlighter

Highlighting is key! Finish your look with highlighter makeup to provide the skin with additional colour while contributing to an angelic makeup finish. Using the Baked Mineral Illuminisor to provide an ethereal sheen cheeks, lips, eyes and cupid’s bow for a naturally flawless glow. If you’re trying to achieve a more enhanced look, then you can also add a Lip & Cheek Cream to build colour across the lips and cheeks.

Get your hands on INIKA Organic products and get the look today

Take advantage of INIKA Organic’s friendly and knowledgeable staff both in-store and online when purchasing your natural makeup products! Our easy to follow guide will help you effortlessly achieve the trending Cloud Skin look, while providing your skin with long lasting protection.

With Australia-wide postage, you can conveniently enjoy INIKA’s range of organic skincare and natural makeup without having to leave your home. Known for makeup products that are organic, cruelty-free, vegan and 100% natural, we can best assist you in achieving your desired beauty outcomes without damaging your skin’s health.
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