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INIKA Organic supports fire affected communities in regional Victoria

September 09, 2022 2 min read

Global sustainable-beauty trailblazer INIKA Organic is strengthening its commitment with real, community purpose. Facilitated by plastic neutral certifier Waste Revolution, INIKA has partnered with volunteer group BlazeAid, supplying post-consumer recycled products developed at a regional Victorian recycling factory.

The partnership involves installing upcycled plastic fence posts in regional communities that have been affected by fire to assist landowners in recovering the loss of trees. Throughout August, the initiative has supported the Victorian community of Edenhope, 30km from the South Australian border that was affected by the January bushfires.

These recent efforts by the beauty brand further promote its philosophy: Pure with Purpose. Not only are INIKA’s products pure and 100% natural for its consumers and the planet, the brand is strong in purpose because of its plastic neutrality status and brimming list of accolades, making it the highest certified beauty brand in the world. Caring for the earth’s precious natural living and non-living resources is at the core of INIKA as a brand, creating 100% natural products for its consumers. This goes hand-in-hand with the brand’s name in Sanskrit translation - ‘small earth’.

90 per cent of INIKA’s packaging is made from sustainable and reusable materials and the brand has minimised its virgin plastic use by 84 per cent, from 8.1 to 1.2 tonnes. INIKA’s partnership with Waste Revolution will help facilitate the brand’s pledge to repurpose 4.7 tonnes of plastic in 2022.

INIKA’s Senior Global Brand Manager, Polly Roderick, describes the partnership with Waste Revolution as special, “INIKA Organic is authentically seeking to do better for our beautiful planet, and our partnership with Waste Revolution is making this possible. Compared to mainstream plastic upcycling programs in market, Waste Revolution delivers above and beyond in making a real, measurable difference to the global plastic crisis.

Our initiative will not only protect environments but showcase that everyone can be part of the solution. It’s not about a pledge for us - it’s about action,” Ms Roderick explained.

Becoming plastic neutral is only a small step in INIKA’s long term sustainability goal, being five years ahead of others in the industry with its sustainable packaging and initiative which is growing bigger by the day.

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