7 Reasons to Switch to Mineral Foundation

At INIKA, we’re all about helping your skin feel and look amazing. We know the secret to healthy skin is to use products with high-quality, natural ingredients - you won’t ever find any preservatives, parfum or synthetic pigments in our products.

INIKA Organic 7 reasons to switch to mineral foundation blog

That’s why we create effective and organic beauty products that only use natural ingredients and help you look and feel your best. And one of the products we’re most proud of is our mineral foundation. Made with powerful minerals extracted from our Earth, such as iron and zinc oxides, mineral foundation helps enhance your skin, provide beautiful coverage and protect the skin from UV rays.

Keen to learn more about the benefits of mineral makeup? Here are 7 reasons why mineral foundation is better for you and your skin!

1. Mineral foundation is healthier for your skin

The issue with “normal” synthetic foundations is that their heavy formulas and harsh chemical SPF filters can cause skin irritation and breakouts, which leads us to wear a thick layer of foundation to cover up our blemishes, which leads to more breakouts, and so on. This vicious cycle never gives our skin a chance to be healthy!

One of our favourite things about mineral makeup is that it contains natural skin-improving ingredients - so your makeup actually acts like skincare! Not only does your skin look amazing while wearing mineral makeup, the minerals also help to heal and improve your skin while wearing it.

2. Non-comedogenic

Unlike a lot of synthetic-based foundations you’ll find on the beauty shelves, mineral foundation has the benefit of not clogging your pores. This makes mineral foundation the best foundation for acne-prone skin, or if you suffer from enlarged pores.

How come? Mineral makeup doesn’t contain any talc, known for sinking into pores and getting them nice and dirty. Moreover, inhaling cosmetic talc is known to be linked to serious respiratory problems, so we try to avoid them at all costs. At INIKA, we’re all about helping you look your best without compromising on health, so our foundations are all talc-free and mineral-based.

3. INIKA Mineral foundation has built-in natural SPF to protect your skin

An amazing benefit of mineral makeup is that it contains zinc oxide, which, as well as being a great healer, is a natural, non-toxic sunscreen that helps prevent burning, signs of photo-aging and irritation. Meanwhile, using foundations that contain non-mineral SPF means letting your body absorb potentially harmful chemicals and causing damage to your skin.

How does zinc oxide work? Upon application, it sits on the outermost layer of the skin and can scatter, absorb and reflect UV rays, which protects your skin. Since zinc oxide is a broad-spectrum blocker, it protects your skin from UVA, UVB, and even UVC. It’s the best sun protection you could ask for!

We all know the importance of using SPF daily, so how wonderful is it that it’s naturally contained in your foundation? Our Loose Mineral Foundation includes naturally-derived titanium and zinc oxide to provide natural sun protection (SPF 25) and protect the skin against harmful UV rays. It’s the perfect foundation with SPF to wear all year round.

4. Great for sensitive skin

Mineral foundations do not contain any synthetic dyes, unlike other foundations. The pigment in mineral foundations comes naturally from the dyes of the minerals, which means there are no synthetic dyes blocking your skin and your skin is free to breathe more naturally. This is key for sensitive and reactive skin!

On top of your mineral foundation, try applying the Baked Mineral Bronzer. It contains 100% natural minerals for healthy skin. It’s also free from fillers, additives and talc, meaning it won’t cause any irritation for even the most sensitive skin types.

5. It’s super lightweight

You might have noticed that “traditional” synthetic foundation feels heavy or uncomfortable on the skin. That is because these foundations contain additives and fillers like talc, silicon, parabens, phthalates, sulphates and more.

INIKA’s foundations are formulated without any of these synthetic ingredients, which makes them not just good for your skin but also ultra-lightweight for a super comfortable wear.

6. Buildable coverage

Thanks to its finely milled texture and lightweight formula, mineral foundation has a “barely there” feeling that feels and looks very natural on the skin. This, combined with its natural pigment content, allows you to build your desired coverage without it ever looking cakey.

Instead, you’re able to build your foundation to your desired level of coverage and still achieve a natural skin finish which enhances and evens out your skin tone.

7. Provides longer wear and reduces signs of ageing

Because mineral makeup offers a lightweight feel, it does not settle into fine lines, making them more obvious. This helps your skin look young, and prevents a dull or aged appearance.

Another benefit of mineral makeup is that its coverage and UV protection will hop in different temperatures. It will withstand high heat or water instead of melting off like chemical-based foundations - - which makes it the perfect foundation for summer! It’s also a great foundation for cold weather, as it will not cause itchiness or flaking in cold weather.

Switch to mineral foundation today

Now that you know more about the benefits of mineral foundation, it’s time to make the switch to mineral makeup! Shop the best foundation for your skin at INIKA Organic and get free shipping on orders over $75!

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