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Makeup Removal Routine For Glowing Skin | INIKA Organic | 01

Makeup Removal Routine For Glowing Skin

June 06, 2019

Organic makeup is the perfect way to transform a dull complexion, disguise imperfections and accentuate your best features, all while providing nourishment and hydration - but don't overlook the importance of makeup removal.

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A-Beauty: The Fuss-Free Approach to Skincare | INIKA Organic | 01

A-Beauty: The Fuss-Free Approach to Skincare

May 03, 2019

Forget complicated 10-step routines. Short for Australian beauty, A-Beauty is all about taking a back-to basics approach to skincare.

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The Skincare Secret | INIKA Organic | 01

The Skincare Secret

August 02, 2018

Your skincare routine doesn't just stop at your moisturiser, discover cosmetics that protect and nourish your skin whilst still delivering your signature look.

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Why Certifications Matter | INIKA Organic | 01

Why Certifications Matter

March 15, 2018

At INIKA, we pride ourselves on being certified to the highest Australian (and global) organic standards. This is our guarantee that you are only receiving the purest and highest quality ingredients in all of your INIKA purchases.

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