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Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes

About Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes

Professional Quality Beauty Brushes for Makeup Effects Worldwide 

Invest in quality vegan bristle makeup brushes from INIKA Organic for the flawless application of eyeshadow, bronzer, powder or liquid makeup. Expertly brush, layer and blend powders or creams with natural long-lasting brushes that care for your skin, as well as the environment. Soft bristles, made of high quality sustainable vegan fibres, are cruelty free and gentle on your face, offering excellent performance without clumping your makeup, shedding bristles or irritating your skin. 


Choosing the Perfect Makeup Brush 

Choosing a beauty brush from INIKA Organic offers you a quality, cruelty free product that will help you become an expert at your daily makeup routine. Achieve professional makeup artistry with one of the many tools of the trade available from our collection. 


Our eco-friendly foundation brushes are made with high quality, soft, thick bristles to evenly apply your foundation. Achieve a professional silky soft finish to your skin. Foundation brushes offer the flexibility of applying liquid or cream foundations to layer and blend your base tones. 


Powder Brushes and our thick handled Kabuki brushes are ideal for loose powder foundation, for fuss-free everyday makeup. Our Kabuki brush is versatile enough that it can also be used for liquid foundation, bronzer, blush or highlights. 


Sculptor brushes are engineered with specially angled bristles for the more precise application of baked powders, to contour and highlight your facial features and define your cheekbones.


Shadow brushes are petite brushes designed to precisely apply and blend our loose mineral eyeshadow shades around the sensitive skin of your eyes. They are extra soft for sensitive skin, with fine but dense bristles. Blending brushes are ideal for applying concealer and blocking out blemishes. 


Take a look at our makeup brush guide for more tips on how to use our brushes for your ideal makeup routine. 


Vegan and Cruelty Free, Certified

Whether you’re a seasoned makeup pro or maintain a natural fuss-free beauty regimen, INIKA Organic brushes can help to make your makeup routine a breeze. Our collection features a wide range of eco-friendly, vegan brushes to add to your beauty toolkit. The bristles of our makeup brushes are made of environmentally sustainable vegan fibres, whilst the comfortable chunky handles are created from biodegradable materials.


You can be confident that all our brushes are certified animal test free and vegan. INIKA Organic’s beauty brushes are certified worldwide as Animal Cruelty Free (PETA) and Vegan Certified.  


Eco Friendly Brushes and Packaging

Our cruelty-free makeup brushes are an all-vegan design made of sustainable, natural materials that won’t harm your skin or the planet. INIKA is the world’s first Certified Plastic Neutral makeup and skincare brand.


Our beauty brushes use recycled or biodegradable materials. Brush handles are made from biodegradable PLA material, sourced from raw corn and cassava, with the exception of our hero Kabuki brush, which is made from natural wood and recyclable aluminium. Natural and biodegradable materials can decompose harmlessly into the environment, without leaving behind any synthetic chemicals or toxins. 


INIKA Organic’s brand packaging is created from 90% sustainable and reused materials.