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Dr Molton recommends the use of INIKA organic and mineral makeup after cosmetic procedures.

“Generally I advise my patients to avoid using makeup immediately following facial procedures or surgery, however covering up with INIKA makeup is possible due to fact that it is free of any harsh chemicals talc or fragrance.

INIKA organic and mineral make-up provides the perfect 'cover up' after procedures such as Botox, Fraxel Laser or Thread Lift surgery. Many of my patients go straight back to work after procedures and covering any small areas of redness ensures no one is the wiser for their lunch time treatments. The natural in-built sun protection of the INIKA mineral foundation makes it particularly suitable for patients who have had IPL or Fraxel Laser rejuvenation treatments.”

Dr Molton consults at International Centre for Cosmetics Medicine in Macquarie Street Sydney (02 9233 3103) and owns Epiclinic in Adelaide (08 8227 2242).

“INIKA at the Logies 2008 - I wanted to give my celebrity clients Anna Coren, Kylie Gillies and Dannii Minogue a fresh yet glamorous look for the red carpet.

INIKA Mineral Bronzer gave them the perfect sunkissed glow and the Mineral Illuminisor created such a beautiful dewy radiance.”

Fotini Hatzis - Celebrity Makeup Artist

What I love about INIKA is that the quality of the product hasn't been in any way diminished as a result of the principles of the brand. There's no nasties in there that might be detrimental to my health and yet it's possibly still the finest brand of cosmetics I've ever had the pleasure to use. Absolutely divine to use, looks beautiful, vegan, organic and won’t harm your body, WOW!

Karen - 1st November 2010


Ive always been interested in makeup artistry and was blessed to be given a wonderful clear olive complexion, however like every girl we all want to find the BEST makeup out there that there is to use. After trying several mineral makeup brands such as Sheer Cover, ID, Youngblood, Mineral Hygenics and having found one I was certain was the best, I was referred to you by my friend Anna Simich and knew I had to try INIKA right away! Lexy provided me with help choosing the right colours for me and provided me with wonderful customer service while I waited for my order. I’ve tried five of the INIKA products and let me say that this is honestly THE BEST mineral makeup for everyone to use, no matter what skin colour, age or type! I recommend this product to every girl/lady out there who is after radiant, beautiful, glowing skin that looks natural, but with that airbrush finish! You can even go overseas or stay in the sun knowing that even though you may sweat, this product won’t come off and will still stay on providing you with the continued beauty. THANKS INIKA, I will be sure to purchase more of your products soon!

Best Regards,

Natasha - November 2010

What I love about INIKA...the fact that there are no other beauty products out there that are made with as much care, love and consideration for the user and the environment.

Cherie - 29th October 2010

Hi INIKA Team I just wanted to say that I visited your stand recently at SIBE as I was working on the Waterlily (pure, active, botanical skincare and spa treatments) stand and bought a mineral makeup kit. WOW!!!! is all I can say - everyone has commented on my skin and how well it looks which as you can imagine in the spa/skincare industry is a huge thing!

I have had some hormonal/stress breakouts over the last few years not helped by the fact that I had to wear reasonably heavy makeup to hide it due to my Business development/Training role where I am on "show" a lot of the time particularly where skin is concerned. I had got to a point where my skincare routine was excellent and now I just needed the back up of a great foundation to keep it blemish free and compliment the natural ethic of the company I work for, and now i have found it!

Thanks so much your products are wonderful and I am definitely an advocate

Yours faithfully, Lisa.

Lisa - 7th October 2010

Hi, I have been searching and searching for a brand of natural cosmetics. I have finally found you. Thank you.

As a zookeeper working with some of Asia’s most critically endangered species, avoiding products containing palm oil and derivatives of palm oil is extremely important to me. I was disappointed when I read the product ingredient list in store finding several of your products contain palm oil. I was pleasantly surprised after coming home and reading on your FAQ area of the website the company's concern regarding the questionable nature of the RSPO certification process. I applaud you for changing your formulation.

Best regards, and thanks again for providing cosmetics that are good to nature and my skin.

Monique - April 2010

I have been using INIKA products for months now, and have never been happier, or more impressed, with a product range in my life. The time it saves me in the morning, the consistently beautiful results the mineral foundations and bronzers provide, and the fact that my skin has improved dramatically since using INIKA. I am constantly telling people about your products, and the company deserves huge success for creating products with our health, our environment and our budgets in mind. A sincere thank you to everyone concerned- you have a fulfilled and happy customer in me for life. Kind regards.


I am at work so this is a quickie to let you know my INIKA starter kit arrived yesterday and the products are amazing!!!!!!!!! Great value for money and the DVD is really helpful!! I can see and feel a huge difference between my old mineral foundation and INIKA and have received a few compliments already on how great my skin looks today. The brush is divine and that alone is worth the money. Thanks again girls for your encouragement - I LOVE EVERYTHING.

Skinny – October 09

My Purely Bronzed arrived last week and I just had to let you know how fantastic this product is!!! The smell is divine (unlike so many other body bronzers) and it does everything they say and more. Apart from the very natural golden glow that stayed put thru a very warm and hectic day, it was so easy to apply and my skin felt moisturised and looked really healthy too. A real plus for me as someone with dry, sensitive skin is being able to moisturise and bronze in the one step after I jump out of the shower in the morning ... brilliant and such a time saver!!!!! Thanks so much for bringing us another great product that not only works but is actually good for you.

PP – September 09

My INIKA arrived this morning and all I can say is WOW!!! Everything is just beautiful and matches my skin tone and colouring perfectly. I keep running back and forward to the mirror to see if the foundation has settled into the fine lines around my eyes but nothing, in fact, they look diminished. The coverage is superb and I feel as though I have nothing on my skin. I think you can tell that I am one very happy lady and have you fantastic girls at INIKA and Mukti to thank for the new me.

Daisy – August 09

Hello, I recently won an INIKA gift pack from a competition on '9 am with David and Kim' and I just wanted to say thank you! Your cosmetics are beautiful and I've since been out to buy some more lipstick and beautiful eye shadows! All the best.

Brooke – July 09

Had to write this email. I have just received through the post my first 'taste' of INIKA. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was reading the list of ingredients. I have used mineral foundation before and eye shadows as well. I am always doubtful when a company implies that all ingredients are natural. Most of the time at the bottom of the list there is some chemical. I must admit I had my doubts about the primer. What a great surprise to read everything was natural. A big thank you to INIKA for providing cosmetics which are exactly how INIKA describes them with no hidden chemicals. I will now try the mascara and lipsticks.

Marilyn – July 09

I bought some INIKA during the last round of programs on TVSN and loved the eye shadows and brushes so much I ordered some more singles. Their colors are so different to everyone else and the shadows glide on like silk, blend so beautifully and stay put all day. I also receive so many compliments about my eye make up since changing to INIKA and am crazy about a colour called Burnt Sienna which is a gorgeous plummy brown. There are so many other beautiful colors in their range and I am looking forward to treating myself to one new shadow a month.

Lily – June 09

My name is Mary Pisano. I have been using INIKA make-up since you were in the Beauty Show in Melbourne. My skin looks magnificent and as I have a lot of allergies, this Mineral Make-up suits me the best.

I would like to purchase more make-up would you kindly give me the locations where to buy or can I buy it on line.. Great products and I told all my friends about INIKA.

Very happy client

Kind regards

Mary – May 09

2014 Facebook Testimonials


"Inika Mineral Makeup is smooth and silky that lasts all day without melting off in the heat or absorbing into the skin. Divine Inika! Thank you"


"Since using the INIKA Liquid Foundation and powder, I don't have break outs like I used to with other brands. It lasts all day while I work, which is fantastic."


"It is the only makeup range that has not reacted with my skin like every other product out there, from the Peachy Keen blush, to Trust Mineral Foundation Powder and liquid, to almost every eyeshadow and everything in between, I love it all."


"I love the eyeshadows, eyeliner and mascara. I love them because they are natural and it doesn't feel like I am wearing makeup."


"I absolutely love the mineral powders & liquid foundations! The eyeshadows are amazing! Love Peachy Keen blush too!"